Gross Book of Riddles for Kids: Hilariously Disgusting Fun Jokes for Family Friendly Laughs

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The jokes may be clean, but steer clear of the pus, diarrhea, bugs and rotting food in these clever and funny riddles for kids! Looking for amusing family night in ideas, absurd ice breakers, despicable sibling travel giggles, revolting silly jokes, or a repulsive gag gift? This family-friendly funny children's book will deliver the laughs in the grossest possible way!
  • I happen in the toilet, but sometimes on the floor. I happen in a bucket or bowl, and sometimes beside roller coaster doors. What am I?[A torrent of diarrhea!]
  • What is wet and yellow, or sometimes clear? What hides behind bubbles on your skin, or ooze from ouchies on your elbow, knee, face, or even your ear?[Dripping pus!]
Riddle your way to hours of fun for all ages!